Brush Chipper

The best option for chipping or grinding logs, trunks, branches, leaves and prunings for urban composting and organic fertilizer

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The residues originated from pruning city trees or in condominiums have always been a headache to the administrators. With Lippel's branches shredders you can turn this environmental liability into a lucrative and sustainable, environmentally friendly material.

With these shredders is possible to transform organic waste such as branches, leaves and wood logs from urban pruning in an excellent fertilizer for your garden, bringing convenience and economy. This technique is ideal for composting maintenance, growth and vitality of plants and flowers.

The Lippel's branches shredders are used by companies and entrepreneurs from various fields, such as farmers, managers of forest nurseries, companies that make cleaning urban and rural areas, highway concessionaires, companies that rent machines prefectures of small, medium and large cities, landscaping companies, arboriculturist and condominiums administrators.

Some uses for the chips and shredded material that leaves the shredder are ground cover on farms, forest nurseries and city flower beds and the production of organic compost widely used by composting companies, the making of organic fertilizers, humus and landscaping.

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