Waste Shredder TMF 3280 E

This crusher was specially developed for the reduction of the defined size of various materials with a single passage through the rotor.

Waste Shredder TMF 3280 E

The TMF 3280 E waste disposer features solid steel welds, designed to be compact. Its cutting chamber is divided into two inclinable parts, being able to be opened of agile form, making the maintenances faster.

The bearings and bearings are located outside the cutting chamber to prevent dirt and dust from damaging the bearings. In this way, it is also prevented that the grease enters the cutting chamber.

Knives and counter knives can be set out of the crusher. A TMF 3280 E waste disposer accessory is the knife configuration template. The distance between the knife edge of the rotor and the sieve can easily be adjusted.

The changeable wear plates are made from special steel, mounted on both sides of the rotor. TMF Standard Crushers are prepared for extraction by suction.

The material is cut between the knife rotor and against knives, the granulate is defined by the size of the screen, which is mounted below the rotor. The knives are positioned in a cascade type arrangement, their sturdy structure allows the rotor to crush hard and coarse material.

Among the residues that can be crushed by the crusher are: fabrics, plastics, bones, paper, ribbons, cardboard, cartons, wood chips, chips, peels, coconut chips, straw, among others.


Technical Specifications

Model:TMF 3280 E
Engine Speed:580 RPM
Screen size:12 mm
Number of Knives:24 und.
against Knives:2 x 2
Motor power:22 Kw
dimensions:2100 x 1260 x 1110 mm
Weight:1350 kg

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