Wood Shredder Lippel RTL 200x400

Ideal to produce chips from wood waste, packaging, furniture industry, etc.

Wood Shredder Lippel RTL 200x400

As a main characteristic Lippel Wood Shredder has high versatility to process different types of material with varying sizes, such as chips, over chips, roots, branches, bark, loose industrial waste and synthetic materials, transforming them into uniform and easy to handle material.

It has housing structural quality plate, fully welded, and rotor of 2 or 4 knives dynamically balanced and statically. It has an automated counter-knife adjustment system, while the knives are regulated external to the machine in appropriate template. A screen classifier integrated into its body and a second counter-knife process the not isometric particles.

The entry of the material to be ground is made through the funnel at the top of the re-chipper, and the discharge is made at the bottom by gravity or with the help of exhausts. To ensure the integrity of the machine and operator security, there are safeguards against the unintended starting of equipment.

Technical Specifications

Model:RTL 200 x 400
Opening input vertical:200 mm
Opening input horizontal:400 mm
Production:10 - 20 m³/h
Power Required:30 - 75 CV
Diameter Barrel:500 mm
Actuation:electric motor

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