Leafs Vacuum Cleaner and Shredder ATF 22 C

Mounted over truck. Ideal for cleaning on urban streets, farms, parks, condonminiuns and companies

Leafs Vacuum Cleaner and Shredder ATF 22 C

The vacuum cleaner and leaf shredder ATF 22 C was developed to facilitate and streamline urban cleaning.

Once its mounted over truck, its perfect for cleaning on urban roads or private areas such as condominiums, farms, courtyards, business parks.

The ATF 22 C sucks and grinds the waste in one go, reducing the volume of the material by up to 15 times. A reservoir can be attached to the discharge outlet to facilitate material transport and disposal.

With a powerful 15 HP motor, it ensures high performance and agility in cleaning in several areas.

Technical Specifications

Model:ATF 22 C
Motor power:15 Kw
Hose diameter:200 mm

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