Recycling Equipment

The recycling of materials is practically obligatory today for environmental reasons, not to mention the business opportunity it represents.

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There are currently laws that regulate the fate that must be given to the organic waste. Thinking of a better way to take advantage of urban waste, Lippel has developed a line of equipment for the recycling of urban waste, allowing the reuse of this waste.

Among the equipment used to recycle waste developed by Lippel are: brush chippers, ideal for use in farms, parks, condominiums and cleaning of roads.

Lippel's line of recycling equipment also includes wood shredders, ideal for crushing waste of small sizes, waste crushers, made to crush various types of waste including wood, plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum. In addition to these, it is possible to cite the fabric chopper, ideal for the reutilization of the fabric in confections.

Recycler crushers allow the transformation of wastes without any use into a profitable product, as well as giving a sustainable destination to waste and contributing to the environment.

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