Fixed Log Splitter RTL 600

Fixed Log Splitter - facilitating the handling of wood logs

Fixed Log Splitter RTL 600

By splitting logs of large diameter, it facilitates the handling and processing of wood for the generation of chips, burns, etc.

Its essential function is to make a better use of logs of large dimensions, whose handling is difficult and so sometimes become infeasible to consumption.

Its special hydraulic system allows a speed regulator piston, which increases the strength for the cutting of the logs. A hydraulic lifting table makes the infeed and the unloading can be done directly on the ground or on a conveyor belt, which feeds a chipper.

Technical Specifications

Model:RTL 600
Power Required:20 CV
Maximum length of logs:1200 mm
Diameter logs:600 mm
Production:5 - 10 m³/h
Cutting Force:45 T
Accessories:Crosshead to split the log in 4 or 6 shares
Actuation:Electrical and Hydraulic

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