Log Splitter Powered by Diesel Engine RTD 06

Powerful diesel log splitter with 40 tonnes of cutting power

Log Splitter Powered by Diesel Engine RTD 06

RTD 06 is the most powerful log splitter in the Lippel log splitters line.

With a powerful diesel engine, it delivers 40 tons of cutting force, making it ideal for high productivity in log splitting operation.

The RTD 06 has trailer hitch, so it is very easy to transport it to the workplace.

Its great power comes from a hydraulic cylinder powered by a powerful 10 HP diesel engine. Its cross cutting wedge splits the logs into 4 parts, thus streamlining your work.

Main features:

• Valve control lever

• Support plate for logs

• It has road lights and allows the license plate for use in urban and rural roads

• 40 Ton Cutting Force


Technical Specifications

Model:RTD 06
Cutting Force:40 T
Maximum length of logs:600 mm
Power rating:10 HP

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