Electric Log Splitter RTI 04

Log splitter developed to extreme mobility and flexibility operations, activated by a electric motor

Electric Log Splitter RTI 04

The log splitter allows you to make firewood within seconds on a easy way, without the need of fisical effort. The logs are reduced into small pieces by its cutting wedges.

The RTI 04 is composed by a hydraulic sliding cylinder. Its welded guiding lines suport very well its movement. The activation is made by a electric motor, wh

ich provides the necessary flow to the cylinder.

the activation command is made by two levers, this way, it is possible to keep both hands away of the cutting wedge while it is moving, garanteeing safety to the operator during the work.

The log splitter is indicated for farms, hostels, condominiums and other establishments that want to make use of this renewable source for thermal power.


Technical Specifications

Model:RTI 04
Actuation:380V, 6,5
bomb:two stages
Cutting Force:16 T
Maximum length of logs:1100 mm
Weight:280 kg
dimensions:750 x 2050 x 950 mm

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