Electric Log Splitter RTI 01R

By splitting large diameter logs, is facilitated handling and processing of wood to generate chips, for burning, etc..

Electric Log Splitter RTI 01R

Portable: Small in size, lightweight, with built-in wheels that facilitates transportation to the workplace.

Powerful: 7 Ton of force delivered by a hydraulic cylinder 43cm splitting the logs quickly.

Durable: Hydraulic cylinder and welded steel construction makes this splitter, a strong and durable tool that you will use for years.

Security control for hands: Security system that keeps hands away from the trunk and chips during operation.


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Technical Specifications

Model:RTI 01R
Power rating:2,7 HP
Maximum length of logs:508 mm
Diameter of Logs:406 mm
Cutting Force:7 T
Series optional:security control for both hands
Accessories:high table and crosshead

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