Electric Log Splitter RTI 01

Mobile Wood Splitters - ease and mobility for splitting logs

Electric Log Splitter RTI 01

By splitting logs of large diameter, it facilitates the handling and processing of wood for the generation of chips, burns, etc.

Its essential function is to make a better use of logs of large dimensions, whose handling is difficult and so sometimes become infeasible to consumption.

In portable size, its wheels are lightweight for easier mobility, making it agreat work tool.

It is driven by electricity with a practical and safe hydraulic system.

Hydraulic cylinder, cracking in a controlled and safeway, avoiding the use ofhammers, axes, or wedges.

Two-hand security control: A safety system thatkeeps handsaway from the log/trunkand chipsduring operation.

Sturdy steel construction, benefiting the conservationof the device.


Technical Specifications

Model:RTI 01
Power Required:3 CV
Maximum length of logs:520 mm
Diameter of Logs:300 mm
Cutting Force:5,6 T
Series optional:security control for both hands
Accessories:high table and crosshead

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