Electric Log Splitter RTE 02

Compact log splitter, that make your job much easier

Electric Log Splitter RTE 02

With the Lippel log splitter, you can work with a lot of safety, unlike those using a chainsaw or a axe, which possess a very high accident risk. Beside of producing much more material.

We offer as a optional the working table, so the operator can use it in the right height, avoiding diseases caused by working on a inappropriate posture.

With the axe, it is possible to process about 20 to 25 logs per hour, with a chainsaw, an average of 40 logs per hour. however, with the Lippel Splitter, ypu can splitt a log in 4 in just 20 seconds, that is, an average of 90 logs per hour, with almost no effort, and much more safety.

Technical Specifications

Model:RTE 02
Diameter of Logs:70 - 350 mm
Cylinder force:10 T
Maximum length of logs:520 mm

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