Tractor Powered Log Splitter RTM 600

Compact log splitter with a cutting force of 30 tons

Tractor Powered Log Splitter RTM 600

Tractor Powered Log Splitter with compact size designed to speed up the work of producing firewood either for commercial use or on farms and conutry sites.

The RTM 600 has a powerful cylinder that produces 30 tons of cutting force, which can Split logs up to 24 inches in length. The log splitter is made to be engaged in a tractor and used horizontally, having the ideal height for the work.

By using this log splitter, it is possible to get a much larger amount of firewood in much less time compared to using the axes or wedges.


Technical Specifications

Model:RTM 600
Cutting Force:30 T
Maximum length of logs:600 mm

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