Stump Grinder DL-15

Sturdy, reliable and easy to use for various types of trees.

Stump Grinder DL-15

The maintenance of the green space is of utmost importance to show how important this green and multicolored oasis is. The choice of tools to conserve that space must have discretion and stick to functionality. Dispensers are known in the middle of gardening and landscaping for use in tree management activities.

With emphasis on ease of operation, the compact design of the DL-15 offers intuitive controls, minimum service points and the performance of a machine that does the job effectively. Rigid exterior for improved durability and appearance, and a 12-prong cutting blade to remove the stumps in less time, and little effort on the part of the operator.

- The removal of stumps is no longer as difficult and time-consuming as it used to be.

- The stumps can be easily removed at each pass.

- Machine protections give operator and operator safety and protect sensitive parts of the machine.

- V-belts provide efficient grinding thanks to high-performance bearings.

- The grinding disc has 12 subtitutable teeth.

- The 300 mm cutting disc has excellent and efficient cutting capacity.

- A good packaging design, just fit the wheels and raise the ram, then the machine can run quickly.


Technical Specifications

Motor:15 CV
Width:750 mm

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