Mobile Wood Chipper for Recycling PTML 240 / 320x600 Plus

Recycling of urban wood with nails, staples and other impurities, a business that promotes sustainability

Mobile Wood Chipper for Recycling PTML 240 / 320x600 Plus

Wood recycling: converting wood waste into renewable fuel source for industries that  require heat in their processes with Lippel's Wood Chipper. 

The Wood Chipper PTML 240/320 x 600 Plus is a versatile machine by definition.

It has its own diesel drive motor with, wheels for easy displacement, infeed conveyor that  increases productivity and operator safety and even a conveyor output multi-directional, which facilitates the discharge of chips into trucks.

Furthermore, this model is also equipped with a metal detector, which makes the extraction of nails and other metal contaminants from the chips, making this machine ideal for wood recycling directly on waste site depositing.

See in photos the recycling of wood process, where the wood rubbish is transformed into chips,  which are sold and burned in industries furnaces and boilers.


Technical Specifications

Model:PTML 240 / 320 x 600 plus

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