Wood Chipper for wood with Nails and Staples PTL 240x600 Roll On

Turn wood waste into chips, material with high calorific rate and in high demand for burning in boilers and furnaces industries.

Wood Chipper for wood with Nails and Staples PTL 240x600 Roll On

The PTL Chippers, special series of Lippel, are extremely robust machines, modern design and have the system Roll On, facilitating the transport of equipment on the truck chassis.

Such wood chippers are exclusively manufactured by Lippel. They are used for chipping materials containing contaminants like nails, usually from civil construction works, besides poking waste such as trim, slabs, strips, blades, manufactured panels, furniture factory leftovers, roundwood, offcuts and others, absorbing these materials and transforming them into a homogeneous chip of high quality and multiple application.


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Technical Specifications

Model:PTL 240 x 600 Roll On
Opening input vertical:240 mm
Opening input horizontal:600 mm
Production:30 - 60 m³/h
Power Required:100 - 150 CV
Size Chip:10 - 70 mm
Actuation:electric or stationary diesel engine

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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