Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 900

Machine with a new and unique design. Three engine options: 17 HP, 357 HP e 370 HP

Forestry Chipper RAPTOR 900

Forestry chipper with new and exclusive design - transverse mounted, which allows the movement along the timber line and the loading flow, reducing the machine's downtime due to the repositioning of the equipment. No chipper reaches production with such agility. The Raptor 900 has three engine options: Cummins with 317 HP, Volvo with 357 HP and Scania with 370 HP.

Option of rotors with 3 or 6 knives in a segmented cutting system that allows to process logs up to 460 mm in diameter with extreme safety and ease. The hydraulic system has flow regulation, allowing to vary the speed of feeding and to size the size of the chips according to the need

The system of extraction of the chip is through a single conveyor belt track over 4.8 meters high that prevents waste.

Solution for modern wood processing.

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