Forestry Chipper Jacaré 700 T

Used directly in the woods. The chipper make use of all branch, timber and logs. Producing wood chipps up to 65m³/h

Forestry Chipper Jacaré 700 T

The Lippel Jacaré 700 T has a revolutionary new 4T cutting system, which reduces the need of power, resulting in more productivity and less fuel costs, without sacrificing quality.

In addition to the innovative chip extraction system through an inertia ejector, it results in a even smaller amount of power.

This is a heavy-duty machine designed to combine power, quality, productivity, low operating cost and low power requirement in a compact, mobile machine driven by a tractor.

The Jacaré 700 T Forest Chipper is equipped with a new drum cutting system, using 4 knives, the strategic positioning of the blades allows quick and efficient chipping work, guaranteeing high quality chips. The size of the chips can vary from 20 to 70 mm in length, being adjusted according to the size of the sieve and the feeding speed.

The production of chips reaches 65m³ per hour, varying according to the speed of feeding and the type of material to be chopped. The feed rail is 70 cm high from the ground, making it easier for the operator to feed the machine. The dump of discharge of the chips has a driver 360 ° and is positioned more than 4.7 m high.

This forest chipper can be used for the shredding of several types of materials and can be used directly in the forest, where it takes advantage of shrubs, branches, logs of up to 400 mm and timber, or power used to chop industrial waste, stumps or wood waste.

The result of this chipping are high-heat capacity chips which can be used as an alternative fuel in burners, boilers and furnaces for heat and power generation.

Here, performance is not optional!

Technical Specifications

Model:Jacaré 700 T
Opening input vertical:430 mm
Opening input horizontal:708 mm
Production:20 - 65 m³/h
Power Required:110 - 160 CV
Power Trough length:2000 mm
Size Chip:25 - 65 mm
Weight:5700 kg

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