Forestry Chipper Jacaré 700 Roll-On

Forestry Chipper mounted over Roll-on plataform with great loading agility and capacity for micro wood chips production

Forestry Chipper Jacaré 700 Roll-On

The Jacaré 700 Roll-On Forestry Chipper is manufactured on the Roll-On Roll-Off platform that allows quick loading and unloading of the chipper by the truck. It can be easily carried and positioned on patios you wish to work statically. It has its own engine and can produce up to 90 m³ / h (cubic meters per hour). Capacity to chip trunks up to 400 mm, several options in size of feeding belts. The rotor can be equipped with 4 or 8 knives and attached to the feed control system can produce various chip sizes including micro wood chip size. The extraction of the chipped material takes place through the rotating duct 280 ° with discharge deflector for easy targeting of the wood chips.


Technical Specifications

Model:Jacaré 700 M-S Roll-On
Opening input vertical:460 mm
Opening input horizontal:708 mm
Production:até 90 m³/h
Motor:317 CV
Size Chip:10 to 65 mm
dimensions:4700 x 2500 x 2700 mm

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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