Forestry Chipper PTML 350/550 x 800

This forest chipper alia a development of extreme robustness and durability, becoming a mincer production on a large scale at low cost

Forestry Chipper PTML 350/550 x 800

The PTML 350 / 550x800 capable of processing a wide range of materials such as hard woods, whole trees, antlers, refilos, slabs, pies woods or with us, among others.

This chipper is driven by a diesel engine with power coupling through an automatic clutch. The production of this chipper can reach 130m³ / h, but its production is related to feed efficiency and the type of waste to be shredded.

The speed chopper feed can vary between 10 and 40 meters per minute and can be adjusted via the panel or the remote control. For best performance, the chipper can be powered by a crane. The estimated fuel consumption is 0.3 liters per m³ chips.

Technical Specifications

Model:PTML 350 / 550x700
Power Required:470 CV
Actuation:Motor diesel MTU 447
Opening input vertical:550 mm
Opening input horizontal:800 mm
Production:130 m³/h
Power Trough length:3500 mm
Ability to Antlers:550 mm
Ability to Logs Duras:350 mm
Ability to Logs Moles:450 mm
tires:Transbordo Superflot 500/60 – 22.5
Fuel Tank Capacity:600 L
sieve Standard:100 x 100 mm
Number of Knives:4 und.
Engine Speed:1800 RPM
Weight:20000 kg

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