Forestry Chipper PTML 240 / 320x600 Plus

The forestry Chipper, is the perfect solution for those who needs mobility on wood chip production

Forestry Chipper PTML 240 / 320x600 Plus

For more than two decades, PTL chippers are the solution for processing of wood in various companies, making many customers happy with the production and durability of these machines.

This series, developed with a traction roller, conveyor belt steel with special teeth, mounted on a unique chassis and powered by diesel engine lead us to add an M to its name ensuring Mobility with maximum versatility.

The extraction system is by the conveyor output to over 5 feet tall. This conveyor can still be rotary 180 degrees, making a machine with great agility to discharge chips on containers and trailers.

The PTML 240/320x600 Plus has an opening of 500x600 mm. It has effective height for chipping branches up to 450 mm, for chipping logs of soft wood up to 320 mm and hardwood logs up to 220mm.

Its drum cutting system can produce large particle size chips, in conjunction with the increased speed of feeding and specific sieve. The speed is easily adjusted by hydraulic valve without the need to replace components.

The position of the steel conveyor belt allows the chipper also be fed manually excluding some cases where a crane is needed (best performance achieved on feeding by light and flexible crane).

Technical Specifications

Model:PTML 240 / 320 x 600 Plus
Opening input vertical:500 mm
Opening input horizontal:600 mm
Production:70 m³/h
Power Trough length:3000 mm
Size Chip:40 mm
Weight:8500 kg
Actuation:Motor diesel

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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