Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR +UME

Chipper for organic composting, shreds leaves, shrubs, twigs and logs up to 200 mm in diameter.

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR +UME

The PDF 200 HDR + UME chipper is equipped with an independent hydraulic unit, mounted on a towable structure and driven by an electric motor. Its feed system with traction rollers provides the chipper with an efficient feed.

The size of the chips size may varie through a hydraulic valve which alters the feed speed of the equipament.

The PDF 200 HDR + UME is capable of chipping twigs and logs up to 200 mm in diameter. The chipped waste can be used for the production of compost.

The chipper offers high mobility, ruggedness and safety allied to a low operating cost and easy access for maintenance.


Technical Specifications

Model:PDF 200 HDR + UME
Weight:1100 kg
Discharge Height:3100 mm
Power Trough length:1200 mm
Feed Speed:Variable
Size Chip:5 - 20 mm
Actuation:electric motor 50 CV
Number of Knives:04 und.
Rotations Disk:840 RPM
Production:6 - 18 m³/h
Opening input vertical:200 mm
Opening input horizontal:305 mm
Hydraulic reservoir:60 L

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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