Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR+AC

Driven by PTO, it has an independent hydraulic system. Chip production of up to 21m³ / h, ideal for urban cleaning.

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 200 HDR+AC

The wood chipper PDF 200 HDR + AC is designed to chip whole bushes, plants, branches, trunks, logs and tree pruning, allowing the cleaning of gardens, roads, forest thinning, among others. Within the chipper, the log is cut with an angle in favor of its fibers, allowing the power requirement to be reduced.

The forestry chipper has a self-feeding system where the waste entering is pulled in through the blades disk, increasing its efficiency. The chipper is driven by tractor PTO, it has an independent hydraulic system, 02 rolls with hydraulic motors traction the material and high capacity hydraulic fluid reservoir.

Drive control strategically located over the feed chute, providing greater safety to the operator. The chipper also has a hydraulic valve which controls the speed of the feed roll responsible for the dosage range.

This equipment is designed to absorb natural adversities, and provide flow to the pump and power to the hydraulic motor. The wood chipper is capable of producing up to 21m³ of chips per hour, the production being directly related to the feed efficiency, the chip size, the power of the tractor and the type of waste to be chipped.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDF 200 HDR + AC
dimensions:3450 x 2460 x 2160 mm
Size Chip:13 mm
Hydraulic engine:2 und.
Hydraulic tank:60 L
Power Trough length:1500 mm
Number of Knives:6 und.
Cutting System:Disk
Rotations Disk:840 RPM
Actuation:Tractor PTO
Power rating:30 - 90 HP
Production:10 - 25 m³/h
Ability to Toras:160 mm
Ability to Antlers:200 mm
Weight:1100 kg

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