Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 150 HDR + AC

To shred whole bushes, plants, twigs, pruning, cleaning out gardens and roads, thinning forests, among other tasks

Forestry Disc Chipper PDF 150 HDR + AC

The PDF 150 HDR + AC is designed to chip whole shrubs, plants, antlers and organic waste from tree management.

With its cutting system, the wood logs are chipped at an angle in favor of its fibers, which reduces the required power from the engine and increases the final quality of the material.

With the forestry chipper, you can reuse the organic waste for use in furnaces, composting, soil cover or soil fertilization, thereby generating savings and decreasing the amount of material being disposed of unused.

Main features:

• Drive lever strategically located on the feed rail for greater operator safety

• Large feed opening

• Power take-of from the tractor

• Towable chipper allows you to take the equipment directly to the workplace

• Disk cutting system designed to work efficiently with less power required

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Technical Specifications

Model:PDF 150 HDR + AC
Series optional:R - Shot
Series optional:HD - independent hydraulic
Series optional:AC - Acceleration System
Discharge Height:3100 - 4100 mm
Rotations Disk:900 RPM
Opening input horizontal:305 mm
Ability to Antlers:200 mm
Production:4 -15 m³/h
Power rating:30 - 90 HP
Actuation:Third point of the tractor

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