Forestry Chipper PDF 150 HDR

This wood chipper is ideal for chip production from logs up to 15cm in diameter, branches, pruning trees, etc.

Forestry Chipper PDF 150 HDR

It is connected to the tractor PTO and its wheels speeds up transportation to the workplace.

Forestry wood chipper - mobility and productivity.

Technical Specifications

Model:PDF 150 HDR
Opening input vertical:180 mm
Opening input horizontal:305 mm
dimensions:4650 x 2160 x 2460 mm
Discharge Tube:360º º
Size Chip:20 - 50 mm
Feed Speed:Adjustable
Hydraulic tank:60 L
Power Trough length:1100 mm
Production:5 - 15 m³/h
Diameter of Logs:150 mm
Power rating:30 - 90 HP
Engine Speed:540 RPM
Number of Knives:2 - 4 und.
Weight:1100 kg

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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