Forestry Disc Chippers

Mobility and productivity for the production of wood chips with branches, logs and forest residues from reforestation cuts or pruning.

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With the line of Chippers Forestry Lippel generation of chips is facilitated because the chipper can be easily carried to places hard to reach such as reforestationareas. The biomass yield is maximized and can be used in several ways: as fuel, organic material for composting, etc.
These are Chippers specially designed to grind whole bushes, plants, branches, pruning, cleaning up the gardens and roads, thinning forests, among other tasks.
This advantage provides full cleaning the reforestation area, avoiding contamination by fungi and minimizing the risk of fire. The line Lippel forest is the best way to increase business income without wasting natural resources.
Our equipment is the solution to harnessing of all types of wastes like wood or plump-shaped waste from sawmills or rolling mills, eucalyptus bark and pine cuttings and remains. Disuniform transform materials, difficult to handle, in a homogeneous, high quality and multi-application product.

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