Stationary Chipper PTL 300x600

Production of up to 35 T/h of wood chips

Stationary Chipper PTL 300x600

Wood chipper developed with the latest technology to meet the needs of those who seek great processing capacity, robustness and reliability in the wood processing.

With the ability to chip hardwood logs and sawdust and other wood waste. Ideal for anyone who seeks to generate revenue through waste material through the production of wood chips, which has a high calorific value for use in energy burning in various areas of industry.

Perfect for anyone who wants to sell chips to third parties or to those who seek to have their own production of chips for burning.

Technical Specifications

Model:PTL 300 x 600
Power Required:150 à 250 CV
Actuation:Electric motor
Diameter Barrel:1000 mm
Opening input vertical:300 mm
Opening input horizontal:600 mm
Production:80 à 100 m³/h

Budgets, Applications and More Info

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