Trencher coupled to mini loader Tatu 1200

High speed trencher for construction, cabling and irrigation systems

Trencher coupled to mini loader Tatu 1200

The Tatu 1200 Trencher is a high-efficiency digging trencher for use in construction and irrigation systems.

The Tatu 1200 is designed for digging trenches of up to 150 mm in diameter and 1200 mm deep in the ground, operating with a paddle system on its chain-operated cutting surface so that the trencher can work continuously in various soil types.

Because it is coupled to the skid steer loader, it is easy to move this trencher within the workplace, with a system that harnesses the power of equipment that is already used by the company, thus saving money on its purchase and maintenance.

This Trencher has been produced with a reinforced frame for added durability and continuous work.


Technical Specifications

Model:Tatu 1200
Trench width:150 mm
Trench depth:1200 mm

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