Hammer Mills

Used in the manufacture of animal feed, milling wood chips, straw and other materials for the production of briquettes and pellets.

See Hammer Mills


The correct combination of the kind of hammer mill, screen, hammers, speed, power supply and suction of air through the hammer mill ensures the necessary results and creates optimal conditions for subsequent processes such as mixing, extrusion and pelletization.

The hammer mills of Lippel are products created using all Lippel quality and knowledge and are supported by more than 3 decades of experience in the feed mill area and related business areas around the world.

The milling needs on the production of a large number of special products have led to the development of hammer mills Lippel, which are adaptable to almost all grinding purposes is required thin or thick.

For example raw material for production of pet food, fish food, food stuffs and biomass products such as wood flakes, straw and other materials.

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