Surface Grinder - AFI - 2000A

Sharpen a wide variety of knives and blades, perfectly aligned head, built-in cooling system

Surface Grinder - AFI - 2000A

This sharpener is excellent for sharpening various types of blades from various angles.

This sharpener serves to sharpen blades of various tools such as carpentry tools, textile and printing industry, can be used for carbon blades, HSS and etc.

Why does this machine work so well?

 - It has automatic vertical advance compensation of the head.

 - The main structure of the machine is made of structural steel, which absorbs the vibrations, guaranteeing stability of operation.

 - Electromagnetic fixing table 200mm wide and 2000mm long. Transverse carriage in perfect alignment with the head. Silent and vibration-free head.

 - Cooling system incorporated in the head, and it accompanies the movements of the same.

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