Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 CLP

The AFI 1000 CLP knife sharpener is an equipment developed for the sharpening and grinding of various types of cutting blades and knives.

Surface Grinder - AFI 1000 CLP

In the furniture industry are used several types of cutting machines, such as planers and thickeners, the cutting blades of these equipment need to be sharp so that they maintain their original performance.

The use of equipment with knives and blades with broken, rounded and worn out points increases the energy consumption of the equipment, as well as increasing the noise and vibration of the equipment.

This sharpener is ideal for sharpening knives in various angles, being suitable for sharpening of knives used in the forest industry, furniture, textile, recycling, among others.

The AFI 1000 CLP features a linear guided travel spindle, providing excellent response over a long period of operation, without the need for maintenance. Its linear guides provide smooth movement, low noise and high accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 1000 CPL
dimensions:1900 x 850 x 1450 mm
Electrical System:Magnetic switch
Refrigeration system:90
Movement knife:60
Power rating:2 HP
Sharpening head speed:2840 RPM
Knife Tilt Angle:0 - 90 º
Size Grindstone:32 x 50 x 125 mm
Maximum capacity Sharpening:1000 x 200 x 30 mm
Weight:730 kg

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