Surface Grinder - AFI 700 A

Knifes sharpener with automatic head scrolling and incorporated cooling

Surface Grinder - AFI 700 A

Ideal for those who need flexibility without requiring great effort to a sharpening of quality.

This model is suitable for various types of knives from the forest industry, furniture, textiles, etc..


Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 700 A
Dimensions with packing:740 x 1260 x 1440 mm
dimensions:680 x 1200 x 1380 mm
Cutting System:Magnetic switch
Knife Tilt Angle:45 º
Type Grindstone:Cup
Sharpening head speed:2840 RPM
Power rating:2 HP
Size Grindstone:150 x 32 x 50 mm
Maximum capacity Sharpening:700 x 130 x 30 mm
Weight:195 kg

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