Surface Grinder - AFI 650

The AFI 650 is a portable bench grinder, which sharpens 650 mm knives, and is easy to install and can easily be taken to where the knives are.

Surface Grinder - AFI 650

Manual bench grinder is ideal for sharpening industrial knives with 0.55KW electric motor, has voltage options of 220V / 380V, can sharpen knives up to 650mm with a 90º angle it is ideal for you to sharpen your own knives by sharpening Various types of knives and instruments used in the textile furniture industry and among others.

Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 650
Motor:0.55 KW CV
Knife Tilt Angle:90 º
Maximum capacity Sharpening:650 mm
Voltage:220 V / 380 V

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