Surface Grinder - AFI 300

Surface grinder for chipper knifes and blades for equipment with manual feed and emery for the sharpening of other types of blades.

Surface Grinder - AFI 300

The AFI 300 is a surface grinder for chippers, guillotines and other equipment, with a compact and easy to use design.

Proper knife sharpening is a vital aspect in the performance and durability of any equipment that operates with cutting or grinding materials.

When owning a motorized sharpener it is possible to save on the maintenance of the equipment, for always maintaining the correct sharpening of the knives, without the need to send the equipment to third parties to perform this service.

The AFI 300 counts on one side with a grinding wheel with a support for knives and blades straight up to 650 mm, and on the other side has an emery for sharpening various types of tools.

With a low investment cost you can extend the life of your equipment and increase its performance.

Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 300
Maximum capacity Sharpening:650 mm

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