Surface Grinder AFI 400 M for chippers and blades

Surface Grinder for chipper blades and other straight blades and knifes with cooling system

Surface Grinder AFI 400 M for chippers and blades

The AFI 400 M is a surface grinder for chipper and other straight blades as for guillotines and others equipments.

The AFI 400 M is a compact, easy-to-use knife sharpener that allows you to properly maintain equipment such as brush chippers, for increased durability and performance.

A wood chipper with poorly sharp knives will lose performance, increase fuel or energy consumption, and lose quality in chip production. By keeping the knives with a razor sharp you will have the best quality chips and will spend less time to have the same production as before.

The AFI 400 M features a water reservoir with pump to cool the blade during sharpening, ensuring the tempering of the blade by not burning the cutting edge when sharpening.

This blade sharpener can sharpen knives up to 400 mm long and 100 mm wide, making it ideal for various knife types.


Technical Specifications

Model:AFI 400
Maximum capacity Sharpening:400 mm
Voltage:220 V

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