Knife Sharpener Lippel AFI 700

Knife sharpener with manual head movement and cooling incorporated. Ideal for those who need flexibility without requiring great effort to a sharpening of quality.

Knife Sharpener Lippel AFI 700

It is suitable for sharpening different types of cutting tools, such as furniture manufacturing, printing, wood chippers and textile industries.

Technical Specifications

Model: AFI 700
dimensions:550 x 1120 x 1280 mm
Electrical System:Magnetic switch
Movement knife:Manual
Refrigeration system:40
Knife Tilt Angle:45 º
Type Grindstone:Cup
Sharpening head speed:2840 RPM
Power Required:2 CV
Size Grindstone:150 x 32 x 50 mm
Maximum capacity Sharpening:700 mm
Weight:180 kg

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