Surface Grinders

With sharpeners Lippel you get quality sharpening for better machine productivity and durability of its knives.

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The wood chippers and shredders Lippel use knives and counter knives made ??of special steel which, depending on its edge, can greatly increase the production machine.

The wear on the knives edge of wood chippers is natural and largely depends on the composition of the wood to be chipped, and contaminants that may be mixed with wood.

The process of sharpening chippers knives is meticulous and must be executed within technical standards as the correct angle of inclination the edge and type of grinding wheel used.

Only the correct sharpening can maximize the life of the knives.

For this reason we offer knives sharpening machines, manufactured within the Lippel standards, which can be operated in your business and ensure maximum productivity for your machine.

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