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Wood chippers them, the forest chippers, fixed chippers or even crushers branches are equipment to process wood coming from different sources such producing chips, which can be used for composting, soil cover, burning in boilers, among various other activities. The wood used can vary from small branches, prunings and whole trees until sawmill wood waste or other wood contaminated with nails and other adjuncts, such as pallets.
Some people with a greater demand for waste, has the option to purchase their own equipment, having it in order to be used for the production of chips and can be made selling them. Those who need to grind woods occasionally have the alternative to rent a picador, and an equally efficient and more affordable solution.
The Lippel, has many chippers / shredders, varying according to the need and customer demand. We have the largest chippers for industrial and forestry uses, with capacity to process more wood at once, but we also have chippers, crushers and shredders can be used in residential condominiums, gardens, landscaping companies or in accordance with the purpose desired.

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