Biomass Moisture Meter GMH 3850

User Programmable Moisture meter

Biomass Moisture Meter GMH 3850

Why knowing the moisture content of biomass?

The ideal humidity of biomass is fundamental to the process of manufacture of briquettes and pellets or even for burning in furnaces and boilers. Reducing the humidity of biomass to 10-15%, its calorific value is increased from 2kWh/kg to approximately 4.5kWh/kg.

Consequently, it is essential to measure the moisture throughout the process to guarantee the quality of the finished product - for instance - in the case of manufacturing briquettes and pellets or even making adjustments in the system of biomass burning in furnaces or boilers. The ideal humidity of biomass also ensures the reduction of emissions during combustion, as well as reduces the amount of biomass consumed during burning.

This meter is specially designed to detect the moisture content in different types of loose biomass such as wood chips, sawdust, sugar cane bagasse, rice hulls, etc. It reports in a few seconds the percentage of water found.

Technical Specifications

Model:GMH 3850
Measurement Principle:resistive
Electrodes Measurement:External via BNC / Thermocouple jack for temperature Type K probes
Temperature Compensation:external temperature sensor or manually or by measuring the internal temperature
Measurement Range:0.0 .. 100.0% U % U
Features curve: 466 / 4
Energy consumption:CA 2,5 mA

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