Rotary Valves - Feeding of Silos and Equipment

Equipment developed for the transfer of particulate matter or biomass, in processes requiring restriction of the passage of air or gases.

Rotary Valves - Feeding of Silos and Equipment

The rotary valves are applied in pneumatic transport systems for equipment for dust control, and such as volumetric feeders in systems of processing or transport. 

The rotary valve is used as an insulator of pressure between two chambers with different pressures, preventing leakage of gas, while the product is transferred from one chamber to another.

The rotary valves are also widely used as volumetric feeders in system processing, maintaining constant flows and accurate feeding silos or equipment.

The use may be in systems handling powders or granular products, such as cement, cereals, plastics or minerals.


The building structure can be made of cast iron or steel

The drive of valves is made through gearmotor or motor-reducer.

Optionally can be equipped with chain drive.


• Ease of operation;

• Cleaning in process;

• Rugged and compact;

• Shield of protection;

• Rotor with special fins;

• Sealing of return;

• Door to rotor inspection;

• Constructed with fine adjustment between rotor and housing.


• Monitoring sensors;

• Prolongation of the input / output;

• Special projects for various applications and flow rates.

Examples of Application:

Feeding of:

• Boilers

• Classifiers

• Rotary dryers

• Furnaces

• Burners

• Rail type conveyors

• Discharge of particulate material captured in bag filters, cyclones, multi-cyclones

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