Reception Hopper with Redler Chains - TRL/C

Reception and automatic dosing of sawdust, shavings, wood chips, bark and other types of biomass.

Reception Hopper with Redler Chains - TRL/C

The hoppers are essential equipment, for example:

• In industrial manufacture of briquettes or pellets

• Automatic feeding of boilers and furnaces with biomass, when companies are converting their boilers to fuel oil, gas or wood biomass.

• In the biomass power plants.

The hoppers, also known as feed hoppers are used for receiving sawdust, wood chips, shaving woods, bark and other types of biomass in conversion processes of biomass for power generation.

The material usually arrives in trucks and is discharged directly into the hopper, which have in its bottom mechanisms to extraction and measurement, to automatically supply conveyor belts that lead to biomass furnaces, boilers and other machinery.

In the model RL/R-50 high extraction capacity occurs by the chains Redler type, installed at the bottom of the hopper body.

The main advantages of this model are the increased capacity of transport, no restriction to mixed pieces of wood chips (the screw hoppers may lock in the case of mixed pieces of wood) and the dosage cutter of the material.

The capacity of this hopper ranges from 10 to 50 m³.


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