Sweep Screw Auger with Transverse Movement: Extraction of Bulk Materials

A reliable form of recovery of biofuels, wood chips and other bulk materials in silos and horizontal stacks in the open.

Sweep Screw Auger with Transverse Movement: Extraction of Bulk Materials

The Sweeper Screw with Transverse Motion is a device that consists of a helicoidal screw attached to two car guides, one of them motorized, which runs from one side to the other on rails fixed alongside under the silo or open pit deposit.

The translation system of Lippel's Screws Sweeper with transverse motion is made with hydraulic or pneumatic drive, ensuring an automatic speed adjustment according to the degree of compaction of the material, increasing its speed on loose, dry materials and decreasing speed when stacked with a high degree of compaction.

All service points and drive components are easily accessible through the corridors on the sides and center of the deposit.


• Facilities in the development of layouts;

• Simple and robust construction;

• The transverse movement is efficient even in high-compaction and hard materials;

• Have the recovery of the material uniformly continuous and controlled;

• Minimum maintenance requirements, providing a high availability of equipment;

• Provides inventory management, the first that enters is the first that goes out.

• It is achieved a good material homogenization, as well as mixtures of different materials.

Technical Specifications

Model:RVTL-8-100 RVTL-8-200 RVTL-9-200 RVTL-9-300 RVTL-9-500
Maximum (m³):100 m³ 200 m³ 200 m³ 300 m³ 500 m³
Maximum thread (mm):8.000 mm 8.000 mm 9.000 mm 9.000 mm 9.000 mm
With Material (mm):6.000 mm 6.000 mm 7.000 mm 7.000 mm 7.000 mm

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