Bucket Elevator - Vertical Handling of Materials in Bulk

The best way to elevate biomass to heights above 5m.

Bucket Elevator - Vertical Handling of Materials in Bulk

The bucket elevators are the most effective way to elevation the powder materials, particulates and biomass vertically when it needs to elevate the product continuously to high altitude (above 5 m). His constructive way allows its use in compact plants.

They are capable of up to 1000m ³ of flow. They are manufactured with belts or chains (these for of high density, and abrasive materials).

The buckets have characteristics that vary with the physical properties of the product and process. The material discharge can be by rotation of the bucket or by centrifugal force in changing the displacement direction.

Optionally can be manufactured with buckets oscillating in a box with horizontal segments in the feeding and discharge, main body tilted, resulting in reversed Z shape. Flow and height as specified by the Customer.


     Single or double buckets Platforms for easy access.

     Modules overlaid and bolted together.

     Unique system for setting the mug by tightening pressure.

     Reduced installation space.

     Low operating cost.

     Buckets loading system without the formation of deposits, avoiding damage locking.

     Displays and inspection doors.


     Monitoring sensors.

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