Horizontal Silos for Biomass Storage

For biomass power plants and large biomass boilers

Horizontal Silos for Biomass Storage

In biomass power plants and large biomass boilers, feed systems responsible for providing biomass must be sized properly to meet handily the high biomass demand in boilers.

One of the indispensable components in these systems are silos for storage, and for the high demand for biomass is recommended the installation of horizontal silos.

This type of silo is characterized by large storage capacity, and is specifically dimensioned according to the demands of the power plant or the boiler where is located the feed system and also according to the type of biomass used.

Advantages of using horizontal silos:

• Civil works decreased in comparison with other types of silos;

• Allows changes in capacity or in the place of installation of the silo;

• Easy access to equipment, indoors and outdoors;

• Use of natural ventilation;

• Low operating cost.

In large systems of steam generation such as power plants and large biomass boilers usually are used wood chips as fuel, so we can mention the equipment normally used attached to the horizontal silo:

Wood Chippers: transform the wood logs - unsuitable for controlled burning in the plant boilers - in wood chips, which are fed automatically producing uniform burning and temperature.

Log Splitters: used to reduce the size of the wood to be crushed by wood chippers when it exceeds the aperture diameter of the wood chippers. The log splitters are low-cost equipment, which facilitates the handling of logs of large diameter improving the performance of the system feeding.

Disk Classifiers: provide uniformity of wood chips, separating the pieces of inadequate size for automated burning. This way blockages are avoided in the feeding equipment of boilers.

Conveyor Belt: essential equipment in the project, take the biomass from one stage to another in the system with agility. In the case of outdoor use, the conveyor must have metal roof in order to minimize the contact of biomass with moisture.

Bucket Elevators: make the lifting of biomass from the level of reception and processing up to the level of feeding of the silo. They can also be constructed according to the needed height.

Hoppers and Lung Silos: are temporary storage units that receive biomass coming from diverse sources and provide the feed to other equipment in a controlled manner through screw extractors.

Sweep Screw Auger: responsible for the extraction of biomass from horizontal silos, are devices that sweep the bottom of the stacks of biomass inside the silos with movements of rotation and translation in order to provide uniform biomass supply for the system.

Lippel manufactures horizontal and vertical silos, and all necessary equipment for the feeding and extraction of biomass from silos.

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