Vertical Burner for Flex Fuels - QVML 100

Wood pellet and qood chip burner

Vertical Burner for Flex Fuels - QVML 100

The vertical burner QVML is an equipment with mixed burning system, being able to work with wood pellets or wood chips. This burner is excellent equipment for applications in automated heating systems such as in buildings, homes, hotels and others.

The wood pellet and chip burner is an equipment of high efficiency and versatility, not holding you to the use of just one solid fuel.

The QVML 100 already has a storage silo for the solid fuel with a sealing system, having an integrated self-feeding system, allowing the total automation of biomass burning. At the exit of the burning system is an ash collection system so that it is only necessary from time to time to remove the accumulated ash.

Technical Specifications

Model:QVML 100
power Generated:40 - 120 Kw
Tank capacity:1 m³

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