Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Flat Moving Grill QMP

Furnaces for burning biomass with different types of grills fixed or mobile, with high efficiency and heat generation.

Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Flat Moving Grill QMP

Pyrolytic biomass burner with flat grill, which provides homogeneous distribution of fuel within the burner.

The moving grill have a fully horizontal, flat bed. This is achieved by the diagonal position of the  grids.

The advantages of this technology are: biomass fuel uncontrolled movements due to gravity effect are avoided and ignition is increased by movements of the grate, leading to a more homogeneous distribution of the biomass in the grate surface and preventing the formation of slag resulting from localized hot spots.

Another advantage of moving flat grate is that its height can be reduced.

To prevent ash and combustible biomass particles will fall through the grid, the flat bed of the mobile grate must be pre-filled with fuel, so that there will exist empty spaces between the grids.


Technical Specifications

Model:QMP 4 / QMP 500
capacity heat: 350.000 - 20.000.000 kcal/h
power Generated:400 - 15.000 Kw
Feature:Burning in flat mobile grid

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