Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Fixed Flat Grill QFP

These burners are a safe, cheap and operating technology, suitable small and medium-sized applications.

Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Fixed Flat Grill QFP

They are suitable for biomass fuels with low ash content (wood chips, pellets, briquettes) and particle size between 50 mm and moisture content ranging from 10-50%.

In this type of burner the chips of wood or other biomass are fed by a screw to the combustion chamber and air is injected by a fan. Combustion is well controlled and emissions are low compared to emissions from the combustion of wood.

The QFP can be coupled in existing boilers, furnaces ring, dryers, furnaces and other and applied to heating homes or public buildings, bakeries, agriculture and farms, grain drying, etc.


• Control of the fuel bed type;

• Good operating at partial load;

• Preheating of the primary air;

• Safe, simple and inexpensive;

• Suitable burn different forms of the same fuel source (pellets, briquets, wood chips, etc.).


Technical Specifications

Model:QFP 50, QFP 100, QFP 160, QFP 200
capacity heat: 43.000 - 172.000 kcal/h
power Generated:50 - 200 Kw
Feature:Burning fixed flat grid

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