Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Fixed Tilt Grill QFI

In this type of furnace can be used various types of fuels including sawdust, shavings, rice hulls, straw, forest residues, pellets, briquettes, peat, etc.. with homogeneous particle size.

Pyrolytic Biomass Burner with Fixed Tilt Grill QFI

These burners can be easily adapted to existing boilers or furnaces in the ceramic sector, generating savings of 55% compared to the use of fossil fuels.

Fuels with very fine particle size require systems for separation of particles and the sawdust is not suitable for this type of burner.


• Good operating at partial load;

• Preheating of the primary air;

• Air distribution is homogeneous;

• No moving parts;

• Safe, simple and inexpensive;

• Able to burn different types of fuel (wood chips, sawdust, rice hulls, straw;

• Ash extraction system.


Technical Specifications

Model:QFI 200, QFI 250, QFI 500, QFI 1.000
capacity heat:172.000 - 860.000 kcal/h
power Generated: 200 - 1.000 Kw
Feature:Burning fixed inclined grate

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