Pellets burner QPJet

Pellets burner for home or industrial use

Pellets burner QPJet

QPJet models are pellet burners for domestic or industrial use. The burner uses wood pellets 6 to 10 mm in diameter as fuel.

The parts of the set include: external pellet reservoir, external screw conveyor from the pellets from the reservoir to the burner, drain hose and the burner.

The pellet tank is integrated and mounted on wheels to facilitate coupling. The burner is supported by a movable and adjustable arm in the structure of the reservatory. The transfer of the fuel to the burner is done through a conveyor thread that already serves as flame container giving even greater security to the process. The burner itself has another thread that evenly and accurately dosages the pellets into the combustion chamber.

The unique construction of this burner allows it to be used in a variety of applications: instead of burning systems in liquid or gas fuel boilers, solid fuel and universal-format boilers, aviary heating furnaces, among others.


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Technical Specifications

Modelo QPJet 100 QPJet 150 QPJet 250
Característica Queima Horizontal Queima Horizontal Queima Horizontal
Potência Calorífica 80Kw - 68.800kcal/h 130Kw - 111.800kcal/h 240Kw - 206.400kcal/h
Combustível Pellets 6-10mm Pellets 6-10mm Pellets 6-10mm
Consumo de Combustível 15 Kg/h 25 Kg/h 46 Kg/h
Eficiência Térmica 98% 98% 98%
Capacidade do Reservatório 200 Kg 200 Kg 200 Kg


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