Automated feeding system for ceramic kilns

The automated feeder system distributes the chips uniformly in the ceramic kilns, allowing a regular burning.

Automated feeding system for ceramic kilns

The automated ceramic oven feed system is a solution developed by Lippel to meet the specific needs of each customer. This feeding system allows for the improvement of the wood-fired oven, turning it into a wood-chip oven, the food system being entirely controlled by only one control panel.

The use of this system has resulted in a 30% improvement in fuel utilization, increasing the burning efficiency and taking advantage of the entire furnace space, considerably reducing the time of burning, and eliminating the waste of the manufactured material.

The equipment comprising the automated feed system is:

Receiving hopper;
Conveyors Redler distribution;
Transfer shafts with individual adjustment;
Motorized burner cars;
Gear units with individual drive;
Individual air settings for each mouth;
Central control panel.
The automatic chip feeding system allowed for better material organization, greater waste utilization, allowing the use of low cost residues such as forest residues, antlers, building timber, pallets, among others. In addition, it has reduced the need for manpower, ensuring a uniform and high quality final product.


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