Screw Extrusion Briquette Machine for Coal EXR-3

The ideal solution for manufacturing briquettes with the residual chaff of charcoal plants.

Screw Extrusion Briquette Machine for Coal EXR-3

The extruders coal Lippel are synonymous of rugged construction, with its patterns manufactured in hardened steel with high hardness and high level of carbon. Our design ensures maximum extrusion, increased density of agglomeration and a decrease in drying time of the briquette.

In the manufacturing process of charcoal, there is a great loss of biomass in the form of fine particles (powder, grain and small pieces) of coal, known as chaff.

Lippel’s briquetting extrusion machines were developed to correct this problem, enabling the reuse of this material in the form of charcoal briquettes.


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Technical Specifications

Model:EXR - 3
Power Required:7,5 CV
Production:500 - 800 m³/h
Matrix:coated, anti-wear
Briquette diameter:50 - 70 mm
dimensions:1400 x 1950 x 600 mm
Accessories:Front desk support articulable

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